D4 Dark zebrano Adhesive film

Adhesive film
D4 Dark zebrano

Adhesive film Wood

D4 Dark zebrano

Adhesive film D4 Dark zebrano 1
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Adhesive film D4 Dark zebrano 3
Warranty : 10 years
Application temperature : From +15°C to +25°C
Storage from +5°C to +35°C : 3 years
Length : 50 m
Width : 122 cm
Primer/Primer + : Yes
Kraft paper release liner : Yes
Stretchable : Yes
Calendered polymeric : Yes
Interior installation : Yes
Outside installation : No
UV-Resistant : Yes
Permanent Air Release Adhesive : Yes
Appearance : Mat
Thickness : 250 µ
Scratch-proof : Average
CE : Yes
IMO : Yes
MED : Yes
RAIL : Yes
VOC : Yes
Adhesive strength
91 minutes after installation 1.04 Kg/cm
24 hours after installation: 1.43 Kg/cm
3 days after installation: 1.51 Kg/cm
7 days after installation: 1.65kg/cm
Adhesive strength at high temperature
After the 1st day: 1.37 Kg/cm
After 7 days: 1.03 Kg/cm
This product offers exceptional resistance to water, dirt, abrasion, UV rays and wear (yellowing, crackling, scaling, delamination).
A quick and easy material to maintain, its external surface's remarkable qualities facilitate cleaning, prevent marking and impede mould growth. Maintenance can be performed with all types of household cleaning products, other than abrasive products such as acetone or white spirit.
Non-contractual visuals and data, Cover Styl’ reserves the right to change the composition of its films at any time.
The rendition of the colours and finishes on the computer may vary according to the screen and not give a true representation of the true appearance. We therefore recommend you order a sample on line or contact us so that we can examine the finish that best adapts to your requirements. Due to the slight differences in colour in production runs, we advise you to purchase the amount you require in one go to avoid any difference in appearance in the execution of your Cover Styl’ project.


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My name is Daddato Giuseppe. I have several business Hotels in Luxembourg. And this for several years now. We all know the times come where a change is needed in order to adapt with time. 

Why I decided for the product Cover Styl'? There are actually several reasons: Fast, Economic and Ecologic. And most important, I did not have to close the activity of my business! We have many business clients during the week and they truly need their sleep so the cherry on top was the clean, non-disturbingReplacePointSuspension

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