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Hotel rooms renovation with adhesive film

Published on 10 March 2022

Are you the owner/manager of a hotel and would like to do some refurbishment work? Are you in charge of renovating hotel rooms?
There can be many reasons to renovate hotel rooms: to follow the latest trends in decoration, to bring a touch of modernity, to renovate furniture that has aged, to respect a certain charter...

Improve your hotel's guest experience

As a hotel owner or manager, your first priority is to provide an experience for your guests that they will remember positively. If a hotel's rooms are deteriorating, whether it's the furniture, the walls, the doors, guests will notice and occupancy rates can drop. Make a good impression on your hotel's guests by refurbishing old-fashioned or weathered items.

What are the advantages of applying adhesive coverings?

For a hotel rooms renovation, the use of adhesive film has several advantages, not least of which is its ease of use. Although it is recommended to use a certified installer, it is possible to apply the vinyl yourself. The product is easy to handle and is stretchable to fit the shape of different furniture. If you want to install it yourself, we offer 2-day training courses at our training centre.
The second biggest advantage is the choice offered by Cover Styl'.  Our adhesive coverings are textured and perfectly imitate the different natural materials such as wood, brick, concrete, marble, leather... We have a total of over 470 references, so you are sure to find the texture or colour you need to renovate your hotel rooms!
The third biggest advantage, and not the least, is the economic aspect of this solution. By opting for adhesive films, the cost of your renovation will be between 50 and 70% lower than a traditional renovation solution.

Many hotels have already been renovated with Cover Styl' adhesive films:


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