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A kitchen renovation with adhesive films

Published on 10 March 2022

There are many ways to do a kitchen renovation, depending on your taste and budget. Adhesive paper, which is actually an adhesive film or adhesive covering, is being used more and more because it is quicker and cheaper than other types of renovation.

The kitchen is definitely one of the rooms in the house where we spend the most time. Over the years, or simply because we spend so much time in it, we sometimes think of changing it to give it a new lease of life.

Changing a kitchen can be very expensive and the work can take a long time. Cover Styl' kitchen furniture films are a perfect alternative!

How to renovate your kitchen without changing the furniture?

When you think about renovating your kitchen, the first thoughts that come to mind are the size of the job, the budget, and most importantly: where to start. You will probably agree with us if we say that the things you want to change in a kitchen are the splashback, the worktop, and the cabinet doors. These are expensive parts because they are difficult to replace: cupboard doors are often made-to-measure, the choice of materials is important and the whole thing can quickly cost several thousand euros.

With Cover Styl' kitchen furniture films, you can refurbish these items without changing your kitchen and without blowing your budget!

Adhesive films for kitchen renovation: a cost-effective solution

At Cover Styl', we know how important the kitchen is to you and how much attention it needs when you want to renovate it. Weathered, old, out of fashion, a few scratches... There are many good reasons to do a kitchen renovation. But is it really necessary to throw it away? Certainly not!
This is where Cover Styl' comes in, to show you that you can have a new kitchen without buying a new one.

The splashback, worktop, and cupboard doors are the most expensive elements but will have an impact on the final look of your kitchen after the renovation. Do not demolish them. Would you like a marble-effect worktop, wood-effect cupboard doors, or a stone-effect splashback? It's possible with the application of an adhesive film!

See the result by yourself, which will give you ideas for a kitchen renovation:

What are the advantages of an adhesive film for furniture?

- They are quick and easy to install: a new kitchen in just one day!
- Our self-adhesive films are water resistant and ideal for areas prone to moisture
- Cover Styl' renovation costs 50-70% less than a conventional renovation
- A choice of over 470 designs


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