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The importance of decorating a meeting room

Published on 08 June 2022

The decoration of a meeting room plays an essential role in the smooth running of the meeting and the ideas that may emerge. We have already mentioned this in the article on professional office design, but it is always more interesting to welcome clients or suppliers in a warm atmosphere. And that's just as well because, with our self-adhesive coverings, a dark meeting room can easily be transformed into a welcoming and friendly place in just a few minutes.

How to decorate a meeting room with adhesive coverings?

Our adhesive coverings can be used on the walls as well as on the furniture of all your meeting rooms in order to offer complete and fast customisation to your image.

Our wall coverings

Our self-adhesive vinyl can be applied to all types of walls in your offices and meeting rooms. Whether your walls are made of drywall, tiles, or even wood, there will be no problem as the installation is done quickly. For example, you can go from a room with black walls to a room with wood texture adhesive in no time at all.

Our coverings for furniture

All the furniture in your meeting rooms can be decorated and renovated. Chairs, desks, doors,... our adhesives adapt to all shapes and surfaces.
Moreover, you have vast possibilities since we have more than 470 references, this wide choice will allow you to uniquely personalise a part of the furniture if not your entire meeting room.

The advantages of our adhesive coverings

Our adhesive coverings offer significant advantages for meeting rooms:
From a financial point of view, using a Cover Styl' for your furniture will cost you between 50% and 70% less than a traditional renovation.

From an ecological point of view, renovating furniture with adhesive coverings will give it a new lease of life. After all, why replace or even throw away furniture when it can be renovated?

Another point, and not the least, is the ease of installation. Whether your furniture or walls are made of wood, tiles, drywall, or plastic, our adhesives adapt to them and allow for quick and efficient installation.

Autonomy is also an important point for us. If you wish to install our adhesives yourself, we offer you numerous installation tutorials on our Youtube channel. However, for optimal results, we still advise you to follow our training courses, which will give you greater independence.

Our covering solutions for the decoration of your meeting rooms

As you will have understood, our Cover Styl' solutions are designed to be efficient, with no large-scale noisy work, and our adhesives are applied without any noise or nuisance. You also have a wide choice for personalising your infrastructures, thanks to our numerous references: wood, marble, stone, leather, fabric, and even metallic coverings. And there's no problem with maintenance either: soap and water are enough to remove stains.

Our mission is to make your life easier

Following this article, do you want to renovate your meeting room? Don't hesitate any longer! Contact us to get a free quote and personalized advice.