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2018 - Paris, France

80 m²


The renovation of the 144 Champs Elysées was realized with the Cover Styl' products in order to obtain a genuine finish in an extreme short time frame with an astonishing result. Within this period of 15 days, the paint company, the outfitters and the Cover Styl’ Team coordinated in order to transform the old decoration with the new concept Brioche Dorée. 

The moldings, frames, partitions and rails have been completely covered with this magical film, which restores the impression of a single great design. Not only is the result fantastic and magical but also the synchronicity of the different companies working together have been performed between 22h00 and 6h00 in the morning without disruption of the activity and therefore had no breakdown of their income. This met the requirements of the group Brioche Dorée. 

This process is truly a step forward for time and money saving realizations in a very short timeframe for all sorts of industries. 

I’d like to thank all of you for this amazing job.

Hubert MOURCELY - Renovation Manager


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L2 - Orangey-red velvet grain

L2 - Orangey-red velvet grain

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